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Severely Discounted Beach Blanket Babylon Tickets

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I’ve been meaning to go to Beach Blanket Babylon ever since I moved to the City.  I still haven’t though.  It’s generally just too damn expensive.  Luckily, my friend (who will remain nameless so they don’t get fired over the flask reference) just informed me that, on Sundays, tickets are only $20.  This is particularly awesome considering that tix are generally twice as expensive.  I know this isn’t the most broke-ass thing in the world, but I figured you might be interested in a some half priced culture in your life.  Anyway, here is what my friend wrote:

I wanted to tell you that my work, Beach Blanket Babylon, is offering rush tickets every Sunday until the end of summer. Tickets are only $20 and although they are the crappy seats, if the show is kind of empty they may get better seats. Also, the main bummer is that there is no alcohol served at the Sunday show but hell, that’s what flasks are for anyway. I’m hoping that maybe you could put this info up on your website…it’s a great opportunity for people who have never seen the show or have parents in town that they want to impress.  

Sound good right?  Maybe we can organize a broke-ass field trip one day to go see it.  And by “we” I mean “you”.  I’m kinda lazy.

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