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Comedy and Secret Science Club : Both FREE and AWESOME

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Today is one of those days where you wake up and curse science for slacking on cloning technology.  Three choices for Grade A Shite.  There are actually infinitie choices for Grade A Shite on almost any night here, but to make my job easier I’ll only catalogue three.  I be the casting agents for Jerry Springer know what I’m talking about when they need to make final selections for shit-show people to go on air.


Comedy at Undergound  with Todd Montesi – Broke-Ass of the Week
$1 beers before the show from 7-8, which will loosen up the laughs for the free show that runs roughly from 8-10pm.  It is THE only reason to be this close to Murray Hill.  This weeks link-up includes: Laurie Kilmartin! (Comedy Central, Tonite Show, Letterman) Sean Lynch! (HBO, MTV) Dan Goodman! (Gettin’ Some) Joe Dixon! (The A-Team) J-L Cauvin!(Craig Ferguson) Glen Miller AKA Satan’s Comic! (Howard Stern) Harrison Greenbaum! (The Today Show) Alison Fornes! (MTV)
Hosted by Todd Montesi (this week’s Broke-Ass) with ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Justin Murray. 

Underground  is on 2nd Ave between 33rd and 34th Street


Secret Science Club @ The Bellhouse
Marine biologist and Providence College professor Jack Costello will talk about gelantinous sea creatures.  If I need to convince you this will be cool, you aren’t worth the effort, mon ami.

 Bell House is at 149 7th Street, Brooklyn  (doors open 7:30pm)


Game 3 of NBA Finals, Magic vs. Lakers
Until very recently I didn’t give a rat’s ass about basketball, let alone who actually won the dang game.  Then, Dwight Howard and the Magic defeated King James and the Cavs and all of a sudden I care about these shag-earred villians.  Game 3 of the finals  is tonight at 9pm.

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