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FREE Pabst, Sandwiches and Movies at Lounge Bar

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“No more wire hangers!!”

Whether you’ve seen it a dozen or not at all, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s  sponsored “Monday Movie Madness” may be the best opportunity ever to watch Faye Dunaway’s Joan Crawford in Frank Perry’s Mommie Dearest.  Starting at 8 PM at the redundantly named Lounge Bar on Bowery, sip free PBRs accompanied by popcorn and sub sandwiches and settle in for a screening of a film that is sure to make your own mother seem like Carol Brady by comparison.

Once the maternal shit show ends, it’s time for another kind of horror with Tourist Trap.  Directed by David Schmoeller, the 1979 film explores the familiar teenage rite of passage of finding yourself stranded with your friends at a run-down roadside museum where you are menaced and tormented by  a psychopathic, telekinetic shut in.

This sounds like the perfect place to eat and drink and if the movies aren’t your cup of tea, just get loaded and check people out in the half-darkness.  It beats your original plans of mixing up some ramen and watching CSI: Miami in your underwear.

Monday Movie Madness

Lounge Bar (310 Bowery St) PBR Open Bar: 9-9:30 & 11-11:30

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