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Man V. Food Filming today at Ike’s Place in San Francisco!!

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So there’s no reason in hell why you shouldn’t be at the Indie Mart today. Think about it: booze, great food, amazing shopping, local music to shake that thang too, great prices…and finally, Stuart and I! We’ll be kickin it, live and in your face all the way. We’ll have stickers, books, some shit to talk and maybe I’ll even sprinkle in a few hugs.

But this is where it gets complicated. I’m totally into Adam Richman.

Yes, he may not look like the most in shape, stylish dude on the block, but I love an adorable man that can devour reuben sandwich bigger than his face.

So, what does that have to do with the Indie Mart? His show, Man V. Food, is shooting TODAY at one of our favorite places to pig out, Ike’s. Shooting should start around 11 and will close up at around 2, so technically, you could be on TV AND still go to the Indie Mart.

And this is where you, our most beloved readers, can help a girl out. I don’t get paid for all the shit I do. I don’t ask for any sympathy or anything in return, and I give this operation my blood, sweat and tears. If any of you can bring Mr. Richman by our booth today, there will be free drinks, free food and much love from Stuart and I. Plus, there is no party like an Indie Mart party. Face it.
So whether you go to the filming, the Indie Mart or both, BRING ME ADAM RICHMAN!

What: Man V. Food Filming
Where: Ike’s Place
When: TODAY! 11am '” 2pm

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Monica Miller - The Intern

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  2. August 20, 2009 at 6:20 am

    So did you get Adam to come by your booth? I love Man v. Food and can’t get enough of the challenges. I found this site that has a bunch of food challenges that Adam hasn’t even done yet and I’m thinking about giving a couple of them a try.

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