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Automatic Slims, Planning Ahead and Krazy Komedy!

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The big summer holiday weekend approaches, folks and in the interest of planning ahead and maximizing fundage before Friday I am taking a three-pronged approach to this post.  First things first…

Drinking Alcohol

Last Friday after work in the West Village, just before the pre-apocalyptic skies moved in, my boyfriend and I were in the market for some Happy Hour Drinks.  Using patented iPhone technology we found a spot on Washington Street with 3 dollar pints, decent music, a menu of small plates like $6 quesadillas and $8 fried shrimp things.  According to insider sources ( this place turns into a veritable hotbed of all things douche after 9 PM.  Luckily you won’t be around for that since that’s when Happy Hour ends.  But From 5:30 to 8:59:59, pay 3 bucks for decent tap beer (Old Speckled Hen, Magic Hat Circus Boy, Blue Point Toasted Lager) and chill out at a table with views of that crazy six story bright pink Mediterranean-looking house-atop-an-apartment-building that belongs to Julian Schnabel.

Automatic Slims/ 733 Washington St (between Bank St & Bethune St)

Happy Birthday, America!

We all know that New York used to be mostly farmland, but did you know that there was an actual working farm in the borough of Queens?   Yeah? Well so did I.

But what you didn’t know, was that this 4th of July the Queens County Farm is Holding a Camp Out.  Butcher Tom Mylan will be roasting a pig, there’ll be pulled pork sandwiches and sides,  and the good people at Brooklyn Brewery will be there with their delicious locally made beers and ales.  There will be capture the flag and stuff like that for the joiner-types,  but feel free to do your own thing, chill out under the stars and then camp out in the orchard.

The next morning there’ll be farm fresh egg and other locally grown organically delicious breakfast items.

The price is steep at 80 bucks but its way cheaper than going out of town and if you stay in the city your expenditures would probably come to about that anyway for the weekend, unless you plan to live like a monk.  It’s also just an awesome thing to do. Who wants to go to some fancy-ass air-conditioned waterfront beach house in the Hampton’s when you can check out the only working farm in the city, go camping, eat pork and get wasted in an orchard in Queens under the stars?

Queens County Farm 4th of July Campout

Laffin’ It Up at the Ha-Ha Hole!

So it’s not actually at the HaHa Hole, it’s out Housingworks. And you probably won’t “laff” as much as you’ll chuckle.  But you’re gonna chuckle your sweet ass off there tonight when face to face with the comic stylings of comics like Max Silvestri and Michael Showalter.  It goes down at 8:30 and the shit is totally, completely FREE. Plus there’s gonna be cookies.

If you’re not familiar with MiSho’s work, take a gander at what I believe to be one of his finest comedic achievements.

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