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The Final Frontier: Moonday @ MUG

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I trust that everyone had a patriotic, barbecue and beer filled 4th of July complete with fireworks, the smell of charcoal and the crack of fireworks bursting bright against the sky.

Hopefully, too, you weren’t too hung over to be able to enjoy the beautiful Sunday we had yesterday here in New York. It really was perfect.

Today it’s back to the grind though, and for those of you sweating it out in your cubicles the thought of something fun and boozy to do at 5 o’clock just may be the thing to motivate you through this rough first day back.

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Luckily our very own Bargain Whorespondent, Oliver is hosting the first in a series of Monday Events at the venerable MUG Lounge in the East Village.

To further impress you, the event has not only a title, but a subtitle following a colon.  “Moonday Monday: Keep Reaching for the Stars” at Mug Lounge kicks offs what will prove to be its first official Monday Night.  Highlights include a pre-amble of smokey lounge music that encourage social interaction (with actual people) and eavesdropping.  Think Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday.  Then, in the back, FREE stand-up for an hour from 8-9pm. Followed by an unorthodox denouement: a set of Queen to drance to. That’s drink and dance.
Happy Hour drink specials: bottled domestic beer $3, well drinks $4. For classy folk there is the $5 featured drink. Tonight it will be “The Bronx” (gin, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, and orange juice).

Comedic Lineup:
Charles Gould (considered a Cougar as early as 2003, when he was just 18)
Todd Montesi (host of UG Comedy Show on Tuesdays)
Pat Rigby (looks like Zac Galifinakis)
Ali Blotman (pff, Blotman)
Justin Murray (always plays 1st fiddle)
Where: Mug Lounge (448 13th Street at Ave. A)
When: Monday, July 6
What Time: 6-11pm
Cost: FREE comedy show 8-9, Happy Hour 6-10

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