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My ibook G4 power cord  burned out last night in a blaze of sparks, glory and the odor of melted plastic.  Thankfully I was home at the time because the sparks that thing shot off could have very easily burned down my house.

That said I gotta go buy another one which at best will run me about 50 bucks.  Really lame.  But even more annoying is the fact that my battery power is already in the red and I’m typing this on borrowed time ! So here goes.

Tonight the Rockstar Bar in Williamsburg is having a free bike raffle.  A French ttrack bike is up for grabs and you only nee one dollar to enter! Just one! Dollar!

As further enticement they’ve got $2 pints ofg PBR until midnight (not amazing beer, but you can have a few, not be wrecked and be relatively hangover free the next day) pool, air hockey and free BBQ.They also have an outdoor TV patio so you can enjoy the lovely weather we’re finally having.

Yes there’s something a little weird about all of these places offering free BBQ (what quality is this meat?) but I say as long as we’re in a recession, embrace it, and try to get veggies and fruits in on your own time.

8 PM – 4 AM / Rockstar Bar /349 Kent Street, btw. S. 4th and S. 5th Streets/ Williamsburg

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