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Eagle Street Farms is a 6,000 square foot produce farm on the roof of a warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The farm grows cabbage, peas, kale, mixed greens and more and is irrigated by rainfall, which helps take the burden off of the areas sewage system. Local restaurants Marlow & Sons and Anella source produce from the farm, and other spots are interested as well.

Tonight, Brooklyn Kitchen, Brooklyn Based and Word Bookstore are partnering with Eagle Street Farms  for the launch of Farm City: Education of the Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter. The book tells the story of a woman from Oakland determined to unite her love for city-living with her commitment to organic, homegrown herbs and vegetables.

Tonight beginning at 6:30, there will be reading from the book, a discussion and a chance to taste some of the produce from the farm.

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