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There’s a reason Monday is your favorite day of the weeek..

According to Ambrose Bierce, Monday is : ” (n.) In Christian countries, the day after the baseball game.”  Dang, did that old man get it wrong!  Monday is a contraction of Moonday, which had to be truncated with the rise of perversion and mouth watching during pronunciation.

This Moonday (tonight), be transported to a different, strange world.  A world where two bartenders from Maine have a combined tooth count of 64 – evenly distributed.

Ride the intergalactic spaceship that is the comedy of the following cosmonauts and pray for no launch pad failures or bursting into flames during re-entry into the atmosphere:

Charles Gould (called a cougar since 18/best comic in the universe)
Matt Little (SNL and Late Night with Letterman credentials)
Abbi Crutchfield (edgy spelling of her 1st name)
Matt Drucker (graphic novel last name)
Nate Kushner (I got nothing. sorry Nate. Get a new name and then talk to me)

Not enough? Have your mind blown to stardust with Brett Falhgren working like a three armed madman on ipod, cd, and vinyl (if he remembers to bring his own needles).

Happy Hour 6-9
Comedy 8-9
$5 Clam Digger Drink Special til 10pm
Open til midnight

Mug Lounge is on 13th Street @ Ave.A on the south east side of the intersection.

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