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Black Swan Green at Public Assembly

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Here at Broke Ass Stuart, free is always best, and we strive to bring you the choicest options in free or practically-free entertainment, drinking and edibles.  Sometimes though, it’s worth it to shell out a few bucks to see something great. Especially on a Monday evening when your psyche needs a little pick me up and you want something to distract you from the hazy tedium of having to go to your job in the summertime.

Black Swan Green’s show tonight at Public Assembly is most definitely worth the $7 admission price. A dreamy, ambient 5 piece from Brooklyn BSG plays alt-rock that, according to some guy at “hints at where dream pop might be headed in the future.”  All right!

In seriousness, the band comes highly reccomended; I have seen them twice live and they put on a great show. Their sound is poppy and uptempo without being annoying and the lyrics are navel-gazy but witty. The musicians themselves have a great energy and seem hugely cohesive.

They are joined tonight by Trashed on Fiction and Brown Shoe , so get there grab a beer and get rid of the Monday doldrums, musically!

8PM/Public Assembly/70 North 6th St./

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