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Rooftop Films Presents: Best Worst Movie

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A scene from Troll 2...I think.

A scene from Troll 2...I think.

You can basically divide this great nation into two parties, those that have seen the movie Troll 2 and those who have not. Sure, it may not be as polarizing as abortion, health care, blah blah blah, but this cult flick has garnered a following of epic proportions.

Now we here at Broke Ass Stuart have been force-feeding you outdoor movie listings all summer long, and you know what? We’re not gonna stop.  Why?  Because outdoor movies are like Shamrock Shakes– they only come once a year, people!

So back to the cinematic masterpiece of Troll 2.  It was screened last night at Automotive High School in Williamsburg last night (a.k.a the baseball field adjacent to McCarren Park) and is part of a glorious double feature. But if you missed it, go rent it now, because tonight, Rooftop Films presents the documentary, Best Worst Movie.

In the two decades since the film’s release, the young star of the film-turned-filmmaker has tracked down the original cast and director to see how their lives have changed, given the impact of the growing community that loves the film. This documentary, though, goes beyond the scope of the old 'œWhere are they now' storyline,  taking pride in the fact that one man’s flop is another man’s phenomenon.

Stick around for a Q&A session with the filmmaker followed by an open bar at Matchless courtesy of Radeberger Pilsner.

Best Worst Movie/8-11PM/Automotive High School Lawn(50 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg)

Filmmaker Q&A

Open Bar at Matchless
557 Manhattan Ave [Wiliamsburg]

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