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Cheap Fashion: BCBG & Ella Moss Sample Sale

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I hate “Fashion”.  Fashion is for people who don’t have any style.  Follow me here.  See fashion is what’s sold to you by a team of marketers, manufacturers, CEOs and twit designers.  It takes a team of highly paid individuals to swindle large masses of people into thinking that something they previously regarded as frumpy (remember ponchos?) or silly (remember capris?) is something that is actually attractive and worth over spending on.

Style on the other hand is something completely different.  Style is looking at your surroundings, taking all the things that influence you in your daily life, and interpreting them in a way that outwardly expresses you as an individual.  Taking clothes from a thrift store or your dad’s closet or the street or even Ross, and rocking them in a way that makes you look and feel good , now that’s style.  Paying lots of money for a certain brand’s version of a certain look (that won’t even be popular in a year and a half), is just lame.

That being said, I do understand that the capitalist system has us all by the balls and we can’t help being consumers; we all have our ridiculous shit we spend money on (myself included).  So for those of you who’s thing is designer brands, this Saturday will be awesome for you.  Read below:


FabFashionista LA’s Premier Sample Sale is Back to SF!!!

@The Fort Mason Center!!!

Over 2,000 dresses, tops, cashmere, handbags & more…

Including fabulous cocktail dresses!!!

All Sizes 0-12

Everything Up To 70% Off !!!

VISA/ M/C Accepted


Free Parking Available

The Fort Mason Center – Golden Gate Room
Saturday 8/15
10:00 AM-3:00PM

Fuck Fashion!

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