DIY Diva: No Sew Fleecie Blankie

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Max Loves His No-Sew Fleecie Blankie!

Heyo — the DIY Diva here. You know how sometimes, when you’re coming down off of some weird pharmaceutical that a sketchy friend gave you the night before in a dive bar, you get the chills? A new warm blanket would be the thing to have in those situations. This week I’m going to show you how to make one for yourself using two pieces of fleece and your own two shaking drug addled hands.

This blanket makes a great baby gift, btw – in case you know anyone who’s knocked up…

What you need:
-Two pieces of fleece fabric an inch larger in both length and width than you would like the blanket to be
-A ruler with inch marks
-A black permanant marker
-Some binder clips or straight pins


I know, "right angles" implies there is MATH involved... Just think of it as a "corner."

Step A: Wash the fleece and dry in a warm dryer (whenever making something it’s always best to wash your fabric before you start, just a hint.)

Steb B: Line up the two pieces of fabric together and use the binder clips or straight pins to hold the fabric together.

Step C: Using the ruler measure down an inch on the width and length in each corner creating a 90 degree angle.

Step D: Using the ruler measure inches around the outside of the blanket — with the marker put a dot at each inch mark.

Step E: Cut out your four right angles on the corners.


Look at all those slits!

Step F: Cut a slit (haha I said “slit”) aproximately an inch down into the fabric on each inch mark creating tassles.

Step G: Remove the pins or binder clips.

Step H: Tie each tassel into a tight knot around the blanket. (Optional: the person who taught me how to make this sez, “Think a positive thought about the person you’re making the blanket for each time you tie a knot.” That’s a little hippy dippy for me; but, if you want to, knock yourself out.)


Even in your most fucked up state you should be able to tie a knot! If you can't perhaps it's time for The Betty...

VOILA! You have yourself a blanket! Now go wrap up in it, replenish your fluids and take a Xanex disco nap in preperation for your next late night adventure.

Happy Crafting!

Next week I’ll be back with a how-to make pet toys for your cat & dog out of old socks.  Mmm… old socks.

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Kate Kotler - DIY Diva

Kate Kotler - DIY Diva

Kate Kotler is a freelance writer and professional blogger. IRL she is a very nice person, regardless of what you might have read about her on the innerwebs. Kate lives in Berkeley with her dog, Max. You can follow her on Twitter @adorkablegrrl