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Grab Your Sack and Let’s Swap: Clothing

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My friend recently told me about a time that she was working at a bar in Portland in the early 90’s. Courtney Love was on tour and came in after her show only to be seen using toilet water to shoot up and blowing chunks all over herself. Later that night still covered in puke, she went outside and Kurt Cobain started making out with her in the street. I guess it’s true what they say: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you’re anything like me, you probably have a few items in your closet that mainly serve as hanger adornments and you wonder why you hated yourself the day you bought them. Well, this is your chance to swap them out for a FREE barfy make out session with Courtney Love!

Figuratively, of course. Today starting at noon, the folks at CELLspace are opening up their doors to hold a clothing swap. It’s a benefit for the gallery, so if you bring $5 and a bag of clothes, it’s open game and you’re invited to fill up your bag with other people’s regrets that just may be your gems. And if not, there’s going to be silk screening and bleach stenciling stations so you can make it whatever you want it to be.  Clean out your closet (or your roommate’s) and come make some good life choices.

2050 Bryant St. (Between 18th and 19th)
FREE Coffee and cookies

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Ryan Miller- Depleted Resource Analyst

Ryan Miller- Depleted Resource Analyst

Ryan Miller was raised in a small, quaint village named Portland, Oregon before spontaneously packing two suitcases, scrounging up $300 and catching a flight to San Francisco. Judging from his garbage, he is a connoisseur of Sun Chips and rather inexpensive wine. His personal goals are to refrain from hailing and accepting rides in random cars as well as greatly reduce the amount of hugs he provides for the homeless community. While touring Jamaica and prompted for his opinion on the prevalence of TB in third world countries, Miller eagerly asked, "They have Taco Bell here?"