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Think Outside the Box: Crunchy Fall Workshops

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Want to learn how to do something new, smelling a little of patchouli, and potentially a lot of fun?  These workshops will connect you to some interesting sub cultures in NYC and Brooklyn, and won’t cost you very much, if anything at all!


Ever wanted to learn how to make your own yogurt at home?  Ever wanted to meet other people who might also share your joy of yogurts?  This Wednesday is your chance!  Along with the yogurt, you will also learn how to make homemade nut and rice milks, which are nutritious, tasty, and use less packaging and travel-time than store-bought rice and nut milks.  Bring a food offering to share with your new friends because a potluck follows the workshop.  Pre-pay through PayPal to reserve your spot.

Yogurt Making and Almond/Rice Milk Workshop @ The Be Hive

Wednesday, September, 9
170 Norfolk Street, #11 [Manhattan]

7:30-10p; Suggested Exchange $10


Learn how to turn old bottle caps into jewelry, key chains, and magnets using your own photos, poems, and found treasures!  Carly, the garbage outreach coordinator at RePlayGround, will lead the way.  Bring your favorite bottle caps and photos, if you like, but materials will be available. RSVP required as class size is limited to 10 people.  So sign up NOW.

Bottle Cap Workshop @ SustainableNYC

Wednesday, September 9
139 Avenue A [Manhattan]
6-7:30p; $FREE


Celebrating the opening of their new home, the Open Center invites you to take part in an open house of sorts this Thursday evening.  6-6:45p: Breaking Free of Your Sugar Habit; Healing With Self-Hypnosis. 7-7:45p: Creating the Work You Love; Esoteric New York City. 8-8:45p: Healing With Whole Foods and Chinese Herbs; the Path to True Intuition. 9-9:45p: Mantra & Meditation; Salsa Dance.  Drop in and bring friends.

Open House @ The Open Center

Thursday, September 10
22 East 30th Street [Manhattan]
6-10p; $FREE

If you have an outdoor garden, or just want to learn some random gardening/farming tools, enjoy an early fall evening in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden on Thursday night learning how to build cold frames.  Now if you are anything like me, you will be thinking that a cold frame is possibly a frame made out of ice to hang outside in the winter'? Well, a quick trip to Wikipedia clarified things for me.  A cold frame is 'œa transparent-roofed enclosure, built low to the ground, used to protect plants from cold weather.'  Usually they are used to extend the season in which a plan will grow.  GreenBridge is hosting this FREE hands-on workshop to teach you the basic skills needed to construct a cold frame out of low-cost or found materials.  Registration is required.  This might come in very handy for you someday!  Believe it.

Cold Frame Workshop @ the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Thursday, September 10
900 Washington Avenue [Prospect Heights, Brooklyn]
6'“8p; $FREE
Call 718-623-7220 to register

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Danielle Levanas - Bargain Soul Huntress

Danielle Levanas - Bargain Soul Huntress

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