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FREE Beer at Tee Shirt Launch Party and Handmade Music Night

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If you’re looking for FREE malt liquor and music, Williamsburg and Greenpoint are delivering on Thursday night.

Colt 45 x Vice x Wowch Party

The designs on Wowch shirts look like the love children of truck stop gas station figurines getting it on–and I mean this is the most awesome way possible. They’ve got shirts with sleeping kittens sticking out of a shark’s mouth, a snake with an eagle head, and a Pegasus with a human skull. I can only imagine the magical art work combinations on Wowch’s shirt series where they team up with Colt 45. Tomorrow night, you can see for yourself at the release party. RVSP here to get into the FREE Colt 45 x Vice x Wowch Party at Bar Matchless in Greenpoint, where you’ll get FREE Colt 45 and see an “exclusive live performance” by Wyld Stallyns. According to their myspace page, members of the band include Bill and Ted. Hope that their set is from the part of Bogus Journey where they get really good, or they just play board games against Death. Either way, if malt liquor isn’t your thing, Thursdays are ladies nights at Matchless. Well drinks and Bud pints are $3 if you have a vagina

Wowch x Vice x Colt 45 party
Bar Matchless [Greenpoint, Brooklyn]
557 Manhattan Avenue, at Driggs
Thursday, September 17, 9p

Handmade Music Night at 3rd Ward

REO Speedwagon be damned! Their 1978 album claimed you couldn’t tune a fish, but any of the musicians at  Handmade Music Night could most likely prove them wrong after a few minutes with the fish and a soldering iron. Once a month, 3rd Ward hosts this night where musicians perform using homemade instruments. And not a wash tub bass or anything like that–we’re talking tuned flower pot xylophones, distortion robots, circuit bent kids’ toys and Nintendo systems, and drum sets made of metal pots. It’s fun for anyone to watch, even if you’re more likely to burn yourself with a soldering iron than splice anything with it. In addition to the awesome music, there’s FREE Colt 45 or Pabst looming about.

Handmade Music Night
3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave, at Stagg Street [Williamsburg]
Thursday, September 17, 7:30pm

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Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

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