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Get Off Your Ass and Make Something Cool — Workshop Open TODAY!

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So things have been quiet with Indie Mart lately. I haven’t had a place to shake my ass and spend all the little hard earned cash I have in quite sometime. But Kelly is dusting off her latest project and polishing it off with an awesome opening party to get you into it.

Workshop, once a great idea, has manifested itself into an amazing playground for people that want to work with their hands. Want to learn how to sew? Done. Want to screenprint t-shirts for your awesome band? Done. Need some creatives to get you out of that rut? Done.

More importantly, it’s a community space designed to the D.I.Y set. Its time to get out of the basement, take your badass crafts to the street and get wasted and meet amazing new people in the process. If the space is anything like I saw during the Divisadero art walk, this place will be well stocked and ready for anyone from the novice knitter to the advanced architect.

The opening party will feature beer cozie silkscreening, button making and a make-your-own-drink bar. And who knows — you may be able to bring someone home with that bad ass new beer sweater you made.

Workshop Opening Party
Saturday September 19th, 7-11pm
1798 McAllister Street at Baker [Western Addition]
Get drunk, create and socialize with Kelly for FREE!

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Monica Miller - The Intern

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