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Dirty Gay Soundscape Tour

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Our San Francisco writers are rightly proud of the fact that they live in the country’s most progressive city when it comes to gay rights.  New York’s not far behind though; we are lucky enough to have a wonderful, vibrant, gay community that is supported by elected officials and the larger community.  However there are dark sides to being gay in New York City, most notably the abuse that gay men routinely suffer at the hands of the NYPD.

Todd Shalom is intent on raising awareness about gay men’s rights in New York City and most specifically about the continuing entrapment of gay men for soliciting prostitutes.  Instead of a lecture, or a protest, Shalom has devised a Soundscape tour of the West Village, where participants will listen to the sounds of bars, video stores, late night crowds and leather stores.  This tour of the West Village is intended to help people more fully understand the reality of gay life in New York City, and to increase tolerance and compassion in order to further combat the outrageous behavior of law enforcement officials.  It’s free with RSVP and sounds (HA!) like an awesome way to re-experience a neighborhood that is familiar to so many of us.

Friday // 10:30 p.m.
SW corner of 14th St and 8th Ave
Free with RSVP

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