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Casseroles eat Brainiacs

Updated: Oct 23, 2009 14:40
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Hey New York.  So I hear this week is going to be a little bit warmer than last.  However, since the heat hasn’t been on in my apartment for the past week, and the windows don’t even really close all the way, it was so cold I’ve had to sit typing at my desk wrapped in a down blanket, wearing slippers and a knit cap.  Fine attempt at Fall, weather.  Anyway, what’s better to warm the body (and the soul) on a freezing October night than food?  One dish specifically '“ casseroles.

There’s still time! Go here to register NOW and bring your casserole to be judged '“ and shared '“ at the Fifth Annual Casserole Party TONIGHT, an annual casserole competition, organized and hosted by Casserole Crazy author Emily Farris.  Started as a platform for Midwesterners to show off their favorite 'œhearty and comforting dishes from childhood,' this party has now become a way for everyone to indulge some good cookin!

Each casserole must consist of two or more solid ingredients (one generally being a starch of some kind) and be baked into a casserole dish.  The entries will be judged based on taste, texture, and originality.

Fifth Annual Casserole Party
at Brooklyn Label
180 Franklin Street (between Java and India Streets) [Greenpoint, Brooklyn]
7:30pm, $FREE
Register for entry '“

Also tonight, the Imagine Science Film Festival presents a Night of Quirky Short Films.  Head inside a converted warehouse near the Gowanus Canal 'œcrammed with braniacs and cinemaniacs' to check out a selection of the 'œquirkiest and bestest' entries to the festival featuring everything from madness and molecules, to time travel and trans-species friendships.  Think Techno noir.  Animation.  Documentary.  Music Video.  The festival’s founder Alexis Gambis will be there to answer questions, mix drinks, and dance with you before and after the screening.

See the following short films from the USA, UK, Israel, France, Canada, and the Kuiper Belt: Naming Pluto, Animated Minds, The Moth and the Firefly, PCR Rap, Lab Waste, The Exquisite Corpse of Science, A Micrometer from Here, Natural Selection, and more!

A Night of Quirky Short Films
The Imagine Science Film Festival
at The Bell House
149 7th Street (between 2nd and 3rd avenues) [Gowanus, Brooklyn]
8pm, $FREE

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Danielle Levanas - Bargain Soul Huntress

Danielle Levanas - Bargain Soul Huntress

Danielle was raised by a pack of coyotes in the Los Angeles hills. Since arriving in NY in 2001, she has had any number of strange jobs, including back-up singing for JELVIS (the Jewish Elvis), starting the non-profit LYDIA, and writing political cabarets. A huge advocate for travel as a way of life, you can find her at the Brooklyn Public Library when her bank account is empty, fantasizing about where to head off to next.