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P.S 1’s Fall Opening Celebration

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Now that the sanity-testing, bullshit Fall weather from yesterday is over, it’s time to take a little walk over to Long Island City and embrace something good about this season, P.S. 1‘s annual Fall Opening Celebration.

Since everyone these days is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling, their newest exhibit features different artists’ takes on creating something new and inspired out of old materials. Whether it be old plywood, metal scraps and old window treatments. “Between Spaces” explores the concept of people’s attachment to material objects, even if those objects are complete junk. Now if I could just figure out how to turn three boxes of extension cords into abstract art I’d be all set.

Taking a look back to a particular vibrant period of art, MoMa presents some of the best of their collection culled from 1969. Highlights include famous sculpture artist Claes Oldenburg, legendary fashion photographer Richard Avedon, mixed media master Bruce Nauman.

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And continuing their tradition of epic outdoor parties, there will be DJ’s spinning 60’s reggae music all day while the crowd sways under their bizarre Ewok-like structures.

P.S 1 Fall Opening Celebration
4601 21st St (at 46th Ave)
Long Island City

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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