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BAM Cinematek: Night of Feline Terror

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As Anna G. can corroborate, I harbor an intense and possibly irrational dislike of cats. I do. I know I’m not making any friends by admitting my abhorrence for one of nature’s most universally adored creatures but facts is facts.  I’m super allergic to them, I hate the yowling noises they make, and innumerable things about the way they arch their backs, hiss, yawn, and move around with freakish dexterity and almost silent footfalls is terrifying to me. When I see one on the street I go the other way, and if you have one there’s pretty much no way in hell I’m coming over to your house.  There’s a scene in Let the Right One In involving cats that perfectly illustrates this fear that I have and seeing it realized on celluloid-however poor the production values–chilled me to the bone.  Plus I think it’s disgusting that they lick the dirt off themselves.  (This is sort of a digression but the couple who lived in the garden apartment of my building in Park Slope thought it was super cute to leave food out so that every last feral cat in the neighborhood would come and treat it like some Bat Mitzvah buffet, hanging around and hissing at my boyfriend and I when we tried to leave our house.  Not cool, lady!)

Point is, it’s Halloween tomorrow, the best pagan holiday of all  and in celebration of the event the folks at BAM Cinematek have lined up a double feature of cat movies guaranteed to push you over towards my side of the fence.

Number one on the roster is Sleepwalkers, a Stephen King joint about a mom and her son who turn into deadly murderous felines as soon as darkness falls.

Next up is Japanese film Hausu which involves seven young women, an insane lady’s haunted mansion and a whole mess o’ cats. Fun fact:  I’m also scared of old women (especially short ones!) AND old, creakity houses so this movie is probabl my worst fucking nightmare so I will skip the screening and head straight to eating a bunch of candy and drinking my face off.

Happy Halloween!

Friday & Saturday
Various Times
BAM [30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn]

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