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If you saw my bank account balance you would laugh softly to yourself, and then immediately ask me if that was just maybe, like, my second checking account and my real money is elsewhere.  To this I would reply “No, that’s it.” Then you would probably raise your eyebrows ever-so-slightly and inquire as to my age.  When it is revealed that no, I am not just out of college, your eyebrows would climb higher still on your forehead before you smiled politely, turned away and made a mental note to drop off a casserole or some leftovers at my door.

This financial conundrum in this absolutely terrifying economic climate we have going on here, is precisely why I am happy that  I won’t be in New York this weekend because all I would be able to do is sit, staring feverishly at my pitiful online bank balance and wish with everything I had that I could spend money at Two Bridges Trading.

Brainchild of former fashion editor Naomi Nevitt, Two Bridges Trading is a weekend-only, cash-only pop up shop based out of an apartment in Chinatown.  Find an amazingly curated selection of zines, objects, art books, accessories and all manner of other items.  It’s like going over to an awesome friends perfectly decorated apartment but everything is for sale. Nevitt has quite an eye so there is sure to be some awesome stuff.

If you aren’t eating Saltines out of a box and calling it “dinner”, swing by and see what you can find.

Two Bridges Trading

Saturday & Sunday, November 7&8th

12-6 PM

31 Oliver Street, Suite 5D, (at Madison Street), Manhattan

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