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House of Diehl’s Style Wars

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You probably have an umbrella that you’re keeping out of spite. It popped backwards the first time it was in a wind gust, and you keep using it because you can’t bring yourself to buy a new one. Stop using that shitty umbrella to protect you from the elements, and go to House of Deihl’s Style Wars to figure out how you can turn it into a snazzy party dress. Style Wars is like the meth love child of a rap battle and a fashion show. Designers compete by making recycled fashion looks about five minutes before their models walk it off on the runway. Instead of rotting away in a work room, the designers make on their creations right out on stage, with DJ mash-ups as the background music. So the audience gets to watch as designers cut, tear, rip, tape, drape burn raw materials like vintage clothes, umbrellas, coffee filters, 45 records, feathers, etc. to make everything from gowns to swimsuits. Last year, several models just got a coat of paint before taking the runway, and a designer used pieces of her own hair to make a headdress. Tomorrow night’s Style Wars will be equally as hardcore as last year, with the music from DJ Wang from LCD Soundsystem and The Juan Maclean. The trick is, you need to buy your ticket in advance RIGHT NOW, because it will cost you $12 instead of $20.

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House of Diehl’s Style Wars, with judges Jenny Shimizu, Rebecca Wienburg, Claw Money, and Elettra Rossellini Weidemann, with music by DJ Nancy Wang
Don Hill’s
511 Greenich Street at Spring Street [West Village, Manhattan]
Saturday October 7, 10pm
$12 advance tickets

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Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

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