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Samosa Crawl and FREE Chuck Klosterman Reading

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Have you ever woken up and thought: “Damn, I really wish I understood what is was like to be a hunter-gatherer, but the closet thing I can do in New York is dumpster diving. Or foraging through a park, but I don’t feel like fighting pigeons and ferrel cats over half a slice of moldy pizza…” Aside from dumpstering, your best way to fulfill your basic human instincts is wandering the streets on a food crawl. Last month, there was a dumpling crawl. Tomorrow night, it’s samosas. Even if you find an edible plant growing in Union Square, it will be nowhere near as tasty as a greasy pastry triangle filled with curried potatoes.

Samosa Crawl
Meet at the corner of East 26th Street and Madison Avenue [Manhattan]
Tuesday, November 10, 6:30pm
FREE, but bring money for your samosas

And if you don’t want to spend your Tuesday night gorging yourself, go see this guy.

I know I frequently suggest going to a reading by a geeky, contemporary author who wears distinctive glasses, and I’m going to keep the trend going with saying you should go see Chuck Klosterman read tomorrow night. I’m a big Klosterman fan because he’s funny, and he overthinks pieces of pop culture like Saved by the Bell and 80s hair metal to the point of using footnotes. His newest book, Eating the Dinosaur, is a collection of essays about pressing subjects like the Garth Brooks’ alter ego Chris Gaines, Pepsi’s ad campaigns, ABBA and political undertones in American football.

Chuck Klosterman
Boarders at Columbus Circle
10 Columbus Circle at Broadway [Upper West Side, Manhattan]
Tuesday, November 9, 7pm

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Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

Kiley E - Ragamuffin Researcher

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  1. Monica Miller - The Intern
    November 9, 2009 at 10:10 am

    this seriously sounds like the best night of my life. i’m jealous.