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Strolling West Chelsea

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Most everybody knows that 8th Avenue between 14th Street and the early 30s is a gay mecca, the center of the beating heart of Chelsea  filled with all the gay bars, porno magazines and rainbow flags one could wish for.  Most people also know that  further west lies the Chelsea gallery scene; street after street between 10th avenue and the West Side highway filled to bursting with white box galleries, unsmiling girls in heels and millions of dollars worth of contemporary art.

However between these two wildly disparate worlds exists a quiet stretch of avenue, extending from about 19th street to 28th street and 8th avenue to 10th avenue.  This little, somewhat overlooked neighborhood is home to beautiful brownstones, some adorable boutiques and coffee places and a couple of gorgeous buildings with beautiful grounds, including the General Theological Seminary and the Desmond Tutu Center.

Walking around here, especially in the fall, when the air is crisp and the sky a bit gray, you almost feel as though you are in another city  There are very few pedestrians and after the crowds on 8th Avenue it seems almost hushed and silent.The buildings are old and heavily detailed and the cafes are quiet and well-designed. Next time you’re in the neighborhood on your way to a gallery or over to a bar, take a stroll around with your headphones on, or with a camera. You’ll feel as though you’ve discovered your own secret piece of New York.

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