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New York is a place where people think nothing of shelling out $300 and up for a haircut.  I myself remain loyal to a wonderful stylist who sets me back $100 before tip every time I go in.  Is it worth it? Yes. I truly believe that it is.  However, I’m not a millionaire, and when times are extra tough, there is only one spot and one man that I trust to cut my hair for less.  A friend of a friend of a very wealthy friend knows about this place, tucked in the steaming fetid bowels of Chinatown.  Sound too  sketchy for you? Well, your loss because when you head down to V Salon, my man Ronnie will do you right for only 35 bones.

First a heavenly shampoo with scalp massage is administered by an older lady who knows what’s up.  Your scalp will feel utterly tingly with delight.  Then!  You are whisked away to a chair where Ronnie will ask you what you want and actually really listen.  I wouldn’t advise making any dramatic changes–he does err on the J-Pop side of things when it comes to angles, but for a straightforward trim or cut he’s fantastic, fast and never too heavy on the product.

For $35, that ain’t bad-and you can still afford to go get dumplings after.

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V Beauty Salon (between Hester and Grand)

75 Elizabeth Street

(212) 966-7767

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