Stick It To Me – An Ode to Mod Podge

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So lately, I’ve been slightly (totally) obsessed with Mod Podge. What is this magical Mod Podge you say? Well! Let me tell you! Mod Podge is the greatest thing ever invented. It is basically glue that can be used for various craft projects, but oh, it is so much more. This brilliant and easy to use shellac has been there for me when times were rough, has provided me with countless birthday and holiday gifts, and basically makes me happier than a craft supply should. Ok, before I start getting all poetic all over the place, let me share with you my top four uses for Mod Podge, and how it can help you too! Just call me the Mod Podginator…or something.

1. Crafts duh

The marketed use for Mod Podge is to decoupage, or decorate various surfaces with paper/other pretty decorative things. As I’m sure our DIY Diva can attest, this shit effing rules for making crafty thangs of all sorts. As I mentioned before I have made several gifts in the past including personalized frames, snazzy gift boxes, and a hollowed out book to hide all my secrets! (This said to use Elmer’s glue, but they are wrong. Mod Podge forever!) There are several web pages and blogs devoted to the awesomeness that is Mod Podge, so if you are of the crafty persuasion, get all googley and start craftin!

2. Interior Design

I had a friend who was way more creative than I am, and had the brilliant idea of Mod Podging pages from her favorite book all over her walls. Sure, it took her a ridiculous amount of time, and I think her landlord shit a bit of a brick when she moved out, but it sure did look neat. You can also decorate various household surfaces (desks, tables, drawers, your passed out roommate) to snazz it up and make it your own.

3. Home repair

So remember when I said Mod Podge has gotten me through some rough times? Well one such time was yesterday when I was very carefully trying to pry an adhesive hook off my wall and very carefully peeled a huge chunk of paint off instead. After doing a little freak out dance, I turned to my boo, Mr. Podge, and five minutes later I had glued that sucker down and the wall was as good as new. Mod Podge will basically do the trick for any fix-it need involving a quick drying adhesive that won’t glue your fingers together.

4. Good ole fashioned fun

Speaking of gluing your fingers together, rember in grade school when you would spread glue in on your hand, let it dry, then peel if off and pretend it was fake skin? Yeah, so much fun! Well, Mod Podge is Elmer’s glue’s cool older cousin, so the same game applies. Next time you’re in an akward social situation or are just plain bored, whip out your jar of Mod Podge and let the fun begin!

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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  1. December 13, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    Oh my. This is fabulous! Love your ode.