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This Band Will Write Your Own Personal Theme Song!

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Awhile ago I was approached by the band Dubious Ranger.  They wanted to know if I was interested in having my own theme song.  For the past few years I’ve considered Richie Cunning’s song One Dollar Wonder as my theme song, but the truth is he didn’t write it for me, he wrote it about himself because he’s a broke bastard too.

So when Dubious Ranger got at me I jumped at the chance.  I mean who wouldn’t right?  So here it is.  It’s called Broke-Ass Man.

Since they knew that I like funky soul music, that I live like a king with no money, and that I love tacos, they pretty much nailed me in this song.

So now here’s the question: Do you want your own personalized song?  I bet you do!  And  what’s cool is that from now until the end of the month, they are only $25.  All you gotta do (besides pay them) is fill out a questionnaire about what you want it to sound like and be about and a couple weeks later they email it to you.  So if you want a song that sounds like early Nirvana and is about the time you played doctor with your neighbor, they can totally do that.  Go here to find out all the details.

And to show that they are dope guys, they are letting you download their recent EP Butches Vol. 1 for FREE.  Just go here.

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