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Underground Farmers Market Tonight in the Mission

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Lemon squash anyone?

Lemon squash anyone?

Having grown up in the Golden West for most of my life, the prospect of today’s Underground Farmer’s Market, brought to us by ForageSF sounds as captivating as it does terrifying.

On one hand you hear nightmarish stories every few years, of 'œwell-seasoned' pros and inexperienced hippies alike dying from stewing some touch-me-not fungus or crushing some poison-filled fruit stone into granola.  Never mind the specter of all the toxins we’ve pumped into nature on our own – from that can of snail bait in the shed to paint-melting med fly pesticide sprayed while we slept. California orange? Hmm, maybe some other time'

On the converse though, we do live in a veritable horn of plenty, most of which never gets eaten.  The valleys in the south and center of the state are overflowing in old urban, suburban and rural orchards as much as there are all sorts of native flora and fauna to grab at.  Which makes it sound so perfect..but still.

That said, if your interest is piqued, its being held tonight at a private pad down in the Mission with promise of intriguing comestibles, warming beverages and some live entertainment.

Fine, be that way.  My Grandparents tree is better anyway.

Fine, be that way. My Grandparent's tree is better anyhow. From the Los Angeles Times.

Maybe bring an Audubon guide?

The Underground Farmer’s Market
2755 Bryant Street (@26th Street)
[Outer Mission]

Thursday 12/17

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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