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Chances are if you still haven’t bought your holiday gifts you’re panicking, paying extra for overnight shipping, and settling for some lame scented candles to give your near and dear. If you’re broke, as so many of you are, you can’t afford this kind of stress on your mind or your bank account. The way I see it, you have two solid options: buy these sweet/broke ass gifts, or go the non-material route. Some of the best gifts I’ve been given were experiences or tender moments, which required very little cash and packed a sentimental punch. The following ideas are easy to throw together and are guaranteed to please. Just remember to actually follow through with these or you’ll just come off as a cheap jerk instead of a thrifty genius. Let the gifting begin!

Take a Walk

One of my favorite things to do is walk around the city and take my time exploring little side streets and other neat stuff that I wouldn’t normally notice in my usual hustle. For the giftee of your choice, pick a destination they enjoy, pack a lunch/snack/flask and hoof it. You might want to scout out a cool route beforehand, but half the fun is taking random turns and blazing a trail all your own. The lucky Lewis to your Clark will enjoy the special one on one time, and the pseudo vacation in your very own backyard.

Be a Show Off

If you’re good at something, strut your stuff. If you can cook, make dinner (AND do the dishes)! If you’re a musician, write a song. If you’re a poet, write a poem. If you’re a painter…well you get it. Just think of a cool way to present it, like a puzzle or a nice card, and you’re golden. Also, make sure you can actually do the skill you are strutting. Remember, you’re a broke ass, not a dumb ass.

Do It in the Dark

Add a blindfold to just about any activity and it becomes a special surprise! For my roommate’s birthday two years ago, her bffs blindfolded her, drove around for a while, then led her on a journey through the wilderness to a picnic table in the middle of a field. On that table was an assortment of her favorite foods and treats. While it required a bit of planning, it was a magical experience and made her feel like a fancy lady who is loved.

Give the Gift of Security

If you have a job and health insurance, marry a friend who doesn’t! In these tough economic times people are desperate, so why not take advantage of that desperation and get yourself a spouse! They’ll appreciate the security, and you’ll never be lonely again.

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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