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In the recent trend of “It’s effing freezing out/fun stuff to do at home” posts, I thought I’d share one of my favorite things to do at home when the weather kicks your puppy and ruins your day. While I must confess that I’m a cuckoo for all foods that can be delivered, even the cheapest pizza joint gets expensive when you go there twelve times in one month (ok three weeks). Something my lazy ass always forgets is that cooking your own food makes an activity out of stuffing your face, and is way more rewarding than paying the delivery dude (or lady) your weekly beer allowance.

Some have argued that buying food and cooking for yourself can end up being pricier in the end because of all the grub that ends up molding over in your fridge, but that is the point of this post. To give you resources to use the food you buy and have fun doing it!  Hopefully the following list of a few of my favorite cooking blogs and examples of their drool-inducing recipes will help inspire you to toss/temporarily hide your take-out menu library and bring out your inner Chef Boyardee!

Recipes for Life: This sassy and Kick-Ass New York Lady incorporates awesome anecdotes and life/cooking lessons into her “How To” structured entries.

Joy the Baker: When this blog pops up in my reader a wave of happy and sad washes over me. Happy because I know I’m probably about to have a chuckle while ogling fawesome baked goodies, but sad because licking the computer screen is fruitless and embarrassing. Trust me.

Six by 10 Tiny Kitchen: This is a local San Francisco couple making some tasty treats in their typically small San Francisco kitchen.

Smitten Kitchen: I liked this blog as soon I read their ‘about’ page and they promised me I wouldn’t have to buy fancy ingredients like salt made out of pirate gold wrapped in baby seal fur.

Ezra Pound Cake: This writer-turned-baker features some awesome and relatively simple recipes that make me want to try that screen licking thing again…

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Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

Alison Lambert - Half Price Headliner

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