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Escape from New York – Cheaply and Easily

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We all love New York.  Everything about it is amazing, if you can Make It Here, big lights will inspire you and streets will do other stuff and everything is suffused with the glow of magic.

But sometimes you just need to get the fuck out.  Whether it be for a day, a week or a year, a break from NYC is essential to loving it as you should.  So, as a lovely counterpart to Laura’s post, here are the best/cheapest/easiest ways to get the hell out of Dodge when the mood strikes.

Metro North

It goes to Connecticut (yawn), but also the Hudson Valley and up to White Plains.  On a Saturday  (or a weekday, playing hooky) take the ride to any of charming towns along the Hudson River and beyond and spend the afternoon browsing shops, eating a nice lunch and wandering quiet, tree lined streets.  You can get a round trip for as little as $12 and will return to the city utterly refreshed. Take a trip to the Dia: Beacon, Historic Tarrytown or up to storied Yonkers to see the birthplace of DMX!

Bolt Bus

Boston’s a bit of a hike for a weekend or an overnight but Philly’s just an hour and 45 minutes away!  Free wifi, comfortable seats and a bathroom that was actually cleaned sometime in the past week!  You simply can’t go wrong! Here’s a tip:  Register as a user on the site and you’ll ALWAYS be in the “A” Group, which means you are the first to board the bus and get your first pick of seats.  Also, if you order tickets way in advance they are as a cheap as $1.

Fung Wah

The fabled Chinatown bus has certainly had it’s fair share of PR hiccups, but at 10 bones it’s still the cheapest way to head up to Beantown.


Join with friends and offset the monthly fee!  You can get any type of car, and pick up and drop off are as easy as pie.  It’s a great way to take a day trip or even an overnight.  There’s something about driving a rental car that just feels like adventures are approachin’! Especially if you are wearing  a scarf.

Ridin’ the Rails

If you happen to be particularly flush with cash, taking Amtrak is always an option.  I hate it though, because its outrageously overpriced, always crowded and when it comes down to it, I don’t even find the trains that much more comfortable than the Bolt Bus and they’re about 5 times more expensive.  It used to be the speed of the railway that attracted customers but since the tracks have gone to shit over the last several years it’s rare that things move at the scheduled speed. So, no,  I’m really not endorsing this.


When you need to fly, you can’t do better then Jet Blue from JFK. The terminal makes going to the airport actually enjoyable (sort of), the in flight DirectTV is forced relaxation and chill time, and they have great last minute specials and deals all months of the year. Become a True Blue member and get points towards a free flight.

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