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Euripedes’s “Cyclops”: The Oldest Play About Drinking

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You think the ancient Greeks used to bag on him about his name?

I remember first hearing the name Euripedes in 6th grade when we were studying Greek something or other.  Or maybe it was drama.  Regardless I loved the way the name just rolled off the tongue and there was a good 10 year period where I was convinced that I wanted to name my kid Euripedes.

While I still think it’s a bad ass name, I don’t think I’m gonna put my future son through the years of harassment that would come with a name that easily turned into “Your-ripping-these farts” or something equally as cruel.  So my kid will just have to settle on something simpler like Asswipe  (pronounces As-we-pey).  Well not really.

Anyways, I saw this on Johnny Funcheap’s site.  Apparently Big E’s play “Cyclops” is the oldest play about drinking; something I know is up your alley.  And it’s also apparently being performed for FREE tonight at 7:30 at Cafe Royale.  It’s been adapted by Ben Fisher and apparently that’s all the info Johnny had for me to borrow (I mean steal).

Euripedes’s “Cyclops”
Cafe Royale
800 Post St. @ Leavenworth
Monday, 1/18

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