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Why Haven’t You had Brunch at the Thai Temple yet?

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Do you like Thai food? Do you like Brunch? Of course you do, these things are dealbreakers. So, you should combine these great loves with that other love of your life (your girlfriend/boyfriend, you jerk) on the holiest of corporate holidays this weekend and treat her/him to some cheap brunch at the Thai Temple in Berkeley.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, the temple has an unpronounceable-by-white people name “Wat Mongkolratanaram”, but most people just refer to it at the Berkeley Thai Temple. On Sundays, to raise money for for their day-to-day operations they cook up a massive brunch buffet of traditional Thai food. You have to trade in your dollars for Thai Temple coins (how fun!) which you can spend on various Pad Thais, spring rolls, mango sticky rice, and Thai iced tea. I usually end up dropping about 8 bucks a person and coming home with leftovers to be consumed after I wake up from my food coma.

Wat Mongkolratanaram
(Berkeley Thai Temple)
1911 Russell St (between MLK Way & Otis St) [South Berkeley]
9am -1pm every Sunday

(recommend arriving early, lines can be long later on.)
More info on Yelp! or Wikipedia
Photo via: Yelp user Dave H.

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