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A Valentine’s Guide for Lovers and Haters

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Valentine’s Day is a weird little holiday. With fuzzy historical origins, no significant religious ties, and mostly exclusive to half the population,  it’s the Sarah Palin of holidays, loved by some and despised by a lot. It sneaks up on you every year with pandering shitty movies, Duane Reed starts stocking up on heart shaped everything, and talk of dates and dinners and oh god I can’t be alone. Single ladies are encouraged to sip on Appletinis and bemoan the lack of good men with their Bff’s, while single guys are celebrated for not giving into the “man.” Single Awareness Day or whatever you want to call it, it’s just another day on the calendar minus the condoning of extreme binge drinking, St.Patrick’s Day at least, has that going for it. Except this year it falls on a three day weekend, so quit your bitching and go out and party.

UnMarriage Until Gay Marriage

Join resident rabble-rouser, Reverend Billy, as he leads a demonstration at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park to support the right for all to marry. Brides and Grooms will perform the mass ritual of being “unmarried” in a ceremony performed by the Reverend to show local New York government where they stand on gay marriage and Proposition 8. Even if you’re not participating, you can still show your support just by attending. If you’re unfamiliar with Tammy Faye’s indie preacher son, swing by Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg on Sundays for a very unorthodox experience.

Bethesda Fountain at Central Park
Off the 72nd St Transverse
Sunday, February 14, 1:00PM

The Rejection Show’s Valentine’s Day Heartbreak Heaven

Despite the title, this show isn’t about get spurned by ex-lovers and the like. It’s a showcase of rejected material by comedians and writers who make light of the harsh reality of show business. It’s creator, John Friedman is a writer for the Jimmy Fallon Show and author of “Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped and Canceled.” He will be sharing hosting duties with Max Silvestri of the Big Terrific, Eliza Skinner, and Moth contributor Adam Wade. Laugh the dull dull pain away.

The Bell House
149 7th St
Between 2nd & 3rd Ave [Gowanus]
Sunday, February 14, 8:00PM

The Sweet Shop Pop-Up Store

Personally I’m very ready for this current cupcake craze to fade into oblivion, but once in awhile I get a hankering for something pint-sized and delicious. If you’re not a master baker, and still need a V-day gift or want to treat yourself, head over to Greenpoint for the pop up Sweet Shop. Local eateries, Kumquat Cupcakery and Liddabit Sweets are bringing their signature sweets to the Kill Devil Hill’s storefront from February 11th through today. Kumpquat makes tiny manicured rose shaped cupcakes and Liddabit offers everything from spicy rice bars, artisan lollipops, and caramels all with fresh seasonal ingredients.

The Sweet Shop
170 Franklin St
Between Java & Kent St [Greenpoint]

BAM Presents: It Happened One Night Screening & Dinner

Screw Love Actually, Frank Capra shows you how a real romantic comedy is done with his classic film, It Happened One Night, at BAM Theater.  Starring everyone’s favorite cad, Clark Gable and the impeccable Claudette Colbert, this is one of the few movies I actually own and can watch over and over again. The screening starts at 6PM, and for the big spenders,  there’s a four course dinner at the BAMcafe for $64. If you want to avoid the whole prix fixed mess altogether (who doesn’t feel like an ass when saying this?) then watch the film and discuss over dinner of one the million restaurants in the hood.

Brooklyn Academy of Music
30 Lafayette Ave
At Ashland Pl [Fort Greene]
Sunday, February 14, 6:ooPM Screening

Bushwick Country Club’s F*ck Valentine’s Day Party

Everyone’s favorite quasi miniature golf spot/late night hook-up spot, Bushwick Country Club is hosting their answer to Valentine’s Day’s smug sweetness. Home to the famous pickle-back, featuring a shot of whiskey and pickle juice, they’ll be drink specials for singles all night and plenty of cheese balls to go around. How to prove your single?,  I’m not really sure. Maybe a stamp on the forehead will suffice? While you may not remember who your special Valentine for the night was, at least you’ll have photographic evidence from the photo booth.

Bushwick Country Club
618 Grand St
At Leonard St [Williamsburg]

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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