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Bluebrain at Piano’s for 2 more Mondays

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Just a coupla brothers hangin out in the forest with some podiums. No big deal

It’s February 15 so that means that you only have two chances left to catch Bluebrain’s free show during their monthlong residency at Piano’s  and one of them is tonight!!!!!!! Feel the urgency!!!!

D.C. brothers Ryan and Hayes Holladay, (formerly of The Epochs) released their gorgeous debut album Soft Power on February 9th. It’s some of the warmest,  most evocative, least cerebral electronic music I’ve ever heard.

Other people thought so too.  The album has been described as having a “unique approach to electronic rock… many soft moments that show the band’s haunting side. The balance between power and gentleness here is the discs best trait, showing remarkable musicianship. There are legions of bands playing electronic based rock these days, but very few sound like Bluebrain.”

See? Yeah!

They’re gonna heat things up in an electronic-tinged way tonight at Piano’s and it’s absolutely free.  Swing by Vanessa’s Dumplings for a bite before the show, get a whiskey at Pianos and your whole fun-time Monday night will clock in at under 15 bucks.

Go so you can tell people you liked them before they got big.  If that doesn’t seel you, I don’t know what to tell you other than lots of really good looking people will also be there. DON’T mess this up.

158 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002-2377
(212) 505-3733

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