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Drink Brooklyn Tonight for FREE

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It’s too cold to wander around, and we’re too poor to pay for our drinks.  So here’s the plan for tonight folks.  (It’s Friday Feb. 19th.)

6:00 Start at Brooklyn Kitchen Labs/Meat Hook in Greenpoint for FREE Sixpoint Beer and Kombucha on tap.

Kombucha Brooklyn is celebrating with a chill kegger, and you are invited.  Get there on time to drink up to your fill before the beer runs out!

(p.s. Kombucha is a Chinese fermented tea originating over 2000 years ago.  Brewed and blended, this drink is a bit of an acquired taste, but there is no harm to try it for FREE!  While a little sour, fizzy, and strange looking, I have to admit I quite it.  This 'œmagic elixir' contains probiotics, polyphenols, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, organic enzymes, vital amino acids, and organic acids, and the preventative and healing properties of Kombucha have been used to fight everything from colds and headaches to cancer.)

7:30 Find some cheap eats on your 7min walk to Williamsburg. One suggestion is the old classic Alligator Lounge, where you’ll receive a FREE personal brick oven baked pizza with the purchase of a beer.

8:30 Stumble to the Birdsong Release Party for FREE Trader Joe’s wine in red plastic cups.

The Birdsong Collective, a Williamsburg-based arts collective, is holding a reading and zine release party to celebrate the latest installment of its bimonthly publication, Birdsong.  Featuring the music of PAPS, a gritty folk duo and guest reader Jennifer Michael Hecht, author of Doubt: A History.  You’ll be happily drunk, warm, and making friends you never thought you’d reach out to by this point.

10:30 Crash at your friend’s W-burg pad. (You know the one.)  More wild escapades ensue.

Kombucha Brooklyn Kegger II
Brooklyn Kitchen Labs/Meat Hook
100 Frost Street (between Leonard St. and Manhattan Ave.) [Greenpoint]

Alligator Lounge
600 Metropolitan Ave. (at Lorimer St.) [Williamsburg]
Serving FREE brick oven pizza until 4am

Birdsong Release Party
3rd Ward Williamsburg
573 Metropolitan Ave. (at Lorimer St.) [Williamsburg]

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Danielle Levanas - Bargain Soul Huntress

Danielle Levanas - Bargain Soul Huntress

Danielle was raised by a pack of coyotes in the Los Angeles hills. Since arriving in NY in 2001, she has had any number of strange jobs, including back-up singing for JELVIS (the Jewish Elvis), starting the non-profit LYDIA, and writing political cabarets. A huge advocate for travel as a way of life, you can find her at the Brooklyn Public Library when her bank account is empty, fantasizing about where to head off to next.