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Midnight Movies at Sunshine

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New Yorkers are obsessed with instant gratification. We’re completely spoiled by having limitless places to eat, shop, and entertain us that stay open at all hours. One of these luxuries I take complete advantage of is going to the movies.  Yes we get Garfield 2 and all the rest of the mainstream dreck just like the rest of the country, but we also have amazing art house theaters, and old movies playing year round. You kind of forget how many theaters there actually are, playing everything from Midnight Cowboy to Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein. And while this city is all about change and turnover, the one thing I can always count on a Friday or Saturday night, is midnight movies at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema.

Where else are you going to see Muppets Take Manhattan on the big screen? Or Wet Hot American Summer, Aliens, and Lost Highway? Plus tickets are only $10, which sadly is a deal compared to most theaters. They mix it up every week and always have something awesome playing. Most of the time I avoid theaters on the weekends cause I can’t deal with all the people and the usual bullshit, but Sunshine is the perfect size, you never have to wait in line, and they have an obscene amount of popcorn topping varieties. Plus once the movies over you’re not stranded in Times Square or Union Square with no after movie drink options. I don’t think Madame Tussauds has a happy hour. I’ll always have fond memories of seeing Inside Deep Throat and Labyrinth on the same screen. Now if they could open one in Brooklyn, I’d probably never leave the theater and start habitually wearing a trench coat.

Photo Courtesy of: EgoTvOnline

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Landmark Sunshine Cinema
143 E Houston St
Between 1st & 2nd Ave [Lower East Side]

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Laura S - Spendthrift Scribe

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