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Broke-Ass of the Week: Costume Designer Domonique Echeverria

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Domonique is equal parts costume designer and woman around town.  I first met her one night when she was hanging out at The Residency with merkley???.  He had just been Broke-Ass of the Week and told Domonique that she would be a perfect specimen as well.  So here we are.

Besides creating costumes that are out of this world, Domonique pretty much has one of the answers to “Are you A hipster” that I’ve ever heard.  Read below to find out what it is.

Name: Domonique Nicole Maria Echeverria (yes, my fucking name rhymes)

Age: A lady never reveals her age

Occupation: Costume Designer/Nightlife personality/Hustler

What neighborhood do you live in?: Alamo Square Park, SF

What are you listening to these days?: I try to not listen to anyone, and blame it on my terrible hearing. . .but they just yell louder, but I do listen to all of the compliments given to me.

Best money saving tip: Hide money from yourself and do lots of favors for people so they feel 'œobligated' to pay for things. . .and dating someone more 'œwell off' than you helps.

What do you refuse to spend money on?: I refuse to spend money on clothes, because I can make my own; drugs because I’ve dated/fucked too many drug dealers in my day to have to pay for them (even though I don’t do drugs. . .but if I’m feeling adventurous perhaps I might dabble); taxis, because buses and subways are awesome and not only do they save you money, but something exciting always occurs on public transportation. . .and you always have an audience for your outfits or random performances.

Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought: To get my fucking goddamn car out of towing, which I had to sell my body for to get out of the impound. . .only to have it finally impounded a few months later forever and ever. . .R.I.P blue lexus.

How’d that feel?: Well, I finally discovered that prostitution isn’t that big of a deal.

Favorite cheap eat: Burritos are amazing. . .they are fattening as hell, but amazing, and being a latina, I grew up on beans and rice . . .so it’s also nostalgic and they ingredients are cheap as hell and you can be healthy with it. I also eat a lot of veggies, the local health food store on Divis+McAllister has really good prices and of course farmer’s markets are always a good way to go.

Favorite dive bar: Well, I have to say they Beauty Bar because, not only have I been sneaking in there since I was 17, but I work there and used to throw parties there. . .on the weekends it makes me want to kill myself being there, but during the weekdays, its fun. I also enjoy the Attic and the Knockout, especially when Primo does parties there (I host parties for him sometimes and he’s amazing. . .shout out to Jordan as well).

Best deal you’ve ever gotten: I travel back and forth from SF to NY a lot, I go to NY about once a month and I think always has pretty rad deals on airfare. . .and Virgin and Jetblue always have good deals too. Also, the Fabric Outlet on mission and 17th fucking ROCKS MY WORLD. . .they have amazing deals on fabric and trims and the staff there is really helpful, best all around place in sf to get fabric (for specialty fabrics you must go online, but for basics its great).

Favorite free thing to do: Honestly, as much as I talk shit about all the lazy people in Dolores park every day in the summer. . .it’s amazing and I’m just jealous they don’t have responsibilities.. .before I 'œgrew up', which only happened about two years ago, I used to spend every sunny day laying in Dolores park smoking other people’s weed and drinking other people’s booze. . .I’m not a leech, people just enjoy me more when I’m a little fucked up, I guess I’m more entertaining that way. . .anyway, laying around in Dolores park is one of my favorite free things to do, you always see people you know, and the sunshine is good for you, I’ve traveled a lot in my young years, and there’s nothing like Dolores park in the summer, especially if you hate beaches, well, I just hate the sand part, and the water part, and families (jk, not really).

If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?: A house, not having to worry about rent would be nice. . .then I would pay off my parents’ bills and put money into college funds for my 4 brothers and sisters.

Despite not having money, do you still love your life?: Ya, maybe it’s the gypsy in me, but I’ve never been one to worry about money. . .there are WAY more important things to worry about, if you play your cards right, money will come your way, you just have to pay attention to opportunities and listen to your intuition. If I worried about being broke, my life would suck. . .I would never travel and I would be working a 9 to 5 in an office. I’d much rather be a gypsy hooker than a stuffy business woman.

Do you own my book?: Do you own one of my creations?

Best hangover cure: Smoke a fat blunt, drink kambucha, eat a burrito, and go lay in the sun.

Are you a hipster?: No, I am a Liza Minelli loving, gypsy glam rocker tranny trapped inside of a real woman’s body.

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