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I have come to the realization that I am a bit of a geek.  Do you ever have that thought?  Like when you excitedly bought that used collection of the Boxcar Children (#12 '“ 47) from your neighbor’s stoop sale.  Or when you watched 'œanimals-from-different-species-becoming-friends' You Tube videos until 3am on a Saturday night?  Or the repeated Monday night posts having to do with robots, science parties, and sci-fi movies?  Well tonight, it’s on.  Embrace your inner nerd cause I’ve got a party for you!

The Secret Science Club presents 'œA Mind-blowing Evening' '“ FREE!

Head over to the Bell House in lovely Gowanus for a lecture/concert event featuring some neuroscientists and their 'œheavy mental' band, the Amygdaloids.

Neuroscientists Joseph LeDoux and Daniela Schiller will lecture on fear, memory, and the brain and discuss questions like:
–What is fear? What parts of the brain are most involved with emotions?
–How are frightening and traumatic memories stored? Can fearful memories go “out of control”?
–Are memories subject to revision, like stories? Can bad memories be erased? Should they be?
–What are links between music, brain biology, and our emotions?

(I love this shit!)

Afterward, jam with the Amygdaloids as they perform original songs like 'œMemory Pill,' 'œMind Over Matter,' 'œBrainstorm,' and 'œPiece of My Mind.' They’re not rocket scientists. They’re brain scientists who rock it! (Actually they are.  Two of '˜em are neuroscientists at NYU, one’s a biologist, and one’s a solutions architect.)

Bring a few bucks for beer or the Bell House has got a super-smart special cocktail for you to try – the Synapse Sling.  Looking for some trouble?  I’ll see you there.

Secret Science Club presents 'œA Mind-blowing Evening'
Tuesday, March 9
The Bell House
149 7th St. (Between 2nd and 3rd Aves)
[Gowanus, Brooklyn]
7:30pm; $FREE

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Danielle Levanas - Bargain Soul Huntress

Danielle Levanas - Bargain Soul Huntress

Danielle was raised by a pack of coyotes in the Los Angeles hills. Since arriving in NY in 2001, she has had any number of strange jobs, including back-up singing for JELVIS (the Jewish Elvis), starting the non-profit LYDIA, and writing political cabarets. A huge advocate for travel as a way of life, you can find her at the Brooklyn Public Library when her bank account is empty, fantasizing about where to head off to next.