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FREE Beer at Lunchtime in the FiDi

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On Thursdays, we are all Thirsty Bears.

Not that we would encourage you to drink on your lunch break, but it’s Thursday, and dammit you work hard for that meager paycheck. So tell your coworkers you can’t come along with them to get stale potstickers from the steam trays at Lee’s Deli and head over to the Crocker Galleria between Sutter and Post next to Montgomery St in the financial district to enjoy a FREE organic beer tasting and workshop in the Green Zebra Environmental Action Center (whatever that is). Thirsty Bear will be providing Polar Bear Lager, Valencia Wheat, Brown Bear Ale and some cask conditioned Ales that are brewed just a couple blocks away in SoMa, so you get to feel good about being a “locavore” too.

And if you’ve never been to the Galleria, take your lunch and your beer-tasting buzz up to the top floor where you’ll find an urban park on the roof that overlooks Market street and Montgomery. Perfect for sunny days like today when you need to get out of your cubicle.

The Details!
FREE Organic Beer Tasting & Workshop with Thirsty Bear
Green Zebra Environmental Action Center
12 – 1:30pm
Crocker Galleria Promenade Level (That’s the bottom floor)
50 Post Street [Financial District]

Hat tip to FunCheapSF

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Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

Andrew Dalton - Aggressive Panhandler

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