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Mango Madness at Pinkberry – FREE Samples!

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As far as fro-yo goes, Pinkberry is top of the pops.

Nevermind that the Los Angeles-based brand had to battle a whole bunch of haters who claimed that its tangy-sweet swirls weren’t as healthy as one might think. BFD, I say. Just look at it. It’s subzero, soft-serve sourness in the guise of ice cream, for chrissakes. Did anyone reeeeally think that a mystery concoction topped with Fruity Pebbles and pineapple was part of a well-balanced diet? Get real already. And go to the fucking gym while you’re at it.

For the rest of you who enjoy velvety naughtiness every now and then, Pinkberry is calling your name. Actually, it’s seductively whispering fermented-milk nothings into your ears. Can you hear it? It’s saying, “Hey, fat ass, I’m free. Come. And. Get it.”

All right, that was me talking; Pinkberry wouldn’t be so snide. On the contrary, it’s being super awesome today by handing out samples of its newest flavor, mango. Just stop by your favorite shop from 5 to 9pm to score your gratis 3 oz. mini-cup.

But take the long way home – OK? You know that fake fruit is goin’ straight to your hips.

Mango Swirl Samples
Friday, March 12
Pinkberry Locations
5 '“ 9pm

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Mikey Rox - Cut-Rate Copywriter

Mikey Rox - Cut-Rate Copywriter

Mikey Rox is an award-winning journalist/writer whose work has appeared in more than 80 regional, national and international print and digital publications. He resides in Manhattan with his partner. When Mikey's not uncovering the best that NYC has to offer, he's crashing roof parties with open bars. Because he can.