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Broke-Ass of the Week- Sketch Comedy Group, Good Neighbor

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Every week we feature a different person from the community shedding a little light on their life of brokeitude.  Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about the human spirit'probably not.

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Good Neighbor is an LA-based sketch comedy group featuring Nick Rutherford, Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, and Dave McCrary (video director of the group).  Earlier this month, they performed at the SF Sketch Fest, which I hope means they’ll be back there or in NYC soon (I caught them on the closing night of the Mo Pitkin’s a while back)  But, if you’re already in LA, you can catch them at  the A.S.S. Fest on 2/9/10 at 9:30pm (Lillian Theatre), the CDR Sketch on 2/16/10 at 11pm, and at the UCB Sketch Showcase on 2/18/10, 8pm (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Los Angeles).

Name: Nick Rutherford, Kyle Mooney, and Beck Bennett

Ages: 27, 25, and 25

Nick: Comedian
Kyle: Comedian, sometimes I write or act or do other things
Beck: Waiter

What city do you live in?: Los Angeles

Best money saving tip:
Nick: Always bring a flask. Also, before going out, pour a cocktail at home in a used Starbucks coffee cup, then drink it while you drive to the bar/party/work. Road Soadie.
Kyle: A lot of times surfing the Internet is better than going out. And when I’m unemployed I try to sleep in until like 4pm, so I only have to eat dinner.
Beck: Cook your own food and make simple sandwiches, silly.

What do you refuse to spend money on?:
Nick: New books. I get em used from Amazon for a fraction of the price.
Kyle: I never go to a bar or a club that has a cover, and I don’t own a razor so I never have to buy shaving cream.
Beck: Getting into hot clubs.

Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought:
Nick: When I was much younger and even more stupid than I am now, I bought a pair of Diesel Jeans for 210 bucks because I thought they would make me cool like Dane Cook.
Kyle: I spent like 80 bucks on my Halloween costume this year; I was Little Lord Fauntleroy. It was a rental, so I didn’t get to keep it.
Beck: My car.

How’d that feel?:
Nick: It took me a long time to decide whether or not to admit that jeans thing in this interview, or to just make something up. So, yeah. Now it makes me feel really really sad.
Kyle: Well I looked pretty cool, and I think people liked it, but when Halloween was over and I returned it, I got depressed.
Beck: Sort of hard on the outside and it had a leather interior so that part was smooth and soft.

Favorite cheap eat:
Nick: The Gold Room (Tacos, free)
Kyle: The Happy Hour buffet at the Acapulco in Silver Lake. They have these modified rolled tacos, and a weird potato salad thing. Also, I went on a Monday once and they had really great karaoke.
Beck: Best Fish Taco in Ensenada.

Favorite dive bar:
Nick: Gold Room (Beer and a shot, 4 bones.)
Kyle: The Gold Room has changed a lot, but it is still good to me.
Beck: Gold Room

Best deal you’ve ever gotten:
Nick: I once found a deal I couldn’t pass up. These guys were delivering speakers, but their boss accidentally put two extras in the company van, and they just HAD to sell it before their boss took it back. I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, BUT I didn’t have enough cash on me so the two guys followed me to my parents house so I could get my bank card. Then they followed me to the bank. Then I gave ’em 400 bucks in cash for two of the shittiest shit box speakers ever made. I later learned how widespread and obvious this scam is. I’m an idiot.
Kyle: In my high school chemistry class, the teacher gave extra credit for bringing in pennies for this charity thing. I brought like 10 bucks worth of pennies, and my grade went from near-failing to like a 400%.
Beck: Probably the house I’m renting right now. It has a bar in the basement, office, living room, big kitchen, room, backyard, and its all mine. And I got it for a really good price. I was like, “Now that’s a deal.”

Favorite free thing to do:
Nick: Beach volleyball
Kyle: Dance!
Beck: Hanging out with buds and drinking and laughing. Being on tour with Good Neighbor.

If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?:
Nick: I’d probably give most of it to a tricky con artist and spend the rest on Ed Hardy stuff.
Kyle: A girl droid who will go to Souplantation with me and watch movies. Or a new phone or something.
Beck: I would like to buy the hovering skateboard from back to the Future II, but if that doesn’t exist I would buy a plane ticket to Thailand.

Despite not having money, do you still love your life?:
Nick: Of course.
Kyle: Yeah definitely.
Beck: Absolutely not. This is the worst.

Do you own my book (Broke Ass Stuart’s Guide To Living Cheaply in NY or SF)?:
Nick: Can I get it from BitTorrent?
Kyle: No?
Beck: No, I do not own that book, but I should definitely get it tomorrow.

Best hangover cure:
Nick: A beer on a bike
Kyle: Running.
Beck: More booze

Are you a hipster?:
Nick: I wish!
Kyle: I don’t think so, but I like music and art and I wear glasses and slim fitting jeans.
Beck: No

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Anna G - Caliburg Contributor

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