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As Americans, we aren’t used to getting shit for free, so when we do, we often act completely inappropriately. It’s not our fault really, the Capitalist system we grew up in has reared us towards an “I’m gonna get mine motherfucker!” mentality, and living in New York only exasperates this. Just go to Costco on a really busy day, and watch as grown ass men slyly try to cut in front of each other for their third sample of Annie’s White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese. So it’s with this shirking of culpability in mind that I relate to you The Cottage’s policy of giving out unlimited free wine with dinner.

Just as inviting me to an open bar event is the surest way of getting me in trouble, offering me all the wine I can drink with dinner only assures my inevitable response, “None of this is my fault.” Yes, I know that it was my choice to drink carafe after carafe of the Dionysian drink, and that this decision led to me eventually being cut off, arguing for more wine, getting kicked out, and ultimately puking dumplings and sweet & sour chicken all over 77th St., but it’s not my fault. It’s capitalism’s fault; I was never taught to say “no”; ok, maybe it was a little bit my fault.

The Cottage
360 Amsterdam Ave. @ W 77th St.
[Upper West Side]

photo by Michael R. on yelp

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