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Coney Island 2010 Season Opener – She Moves Her Body Like A Free Ride on the Cyclone

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March 28: Opening Day of Coney Island Cyclone Roller Coaster

Coney Island is undeniably emblematic of Americana, a quaint, rickety fixture on the Brooklyn horizon, and it still provides, at least in principle, a beach to lie out on just a few miles from the heart of the financial district of the world. This weekend, Coney Island Amusement Park opens for its 2010 season putting to rest the virulent rumors I had heard of development shutting the place down. The reality is one of the parks did shut down in 2008, but since Coney Island is more like an amusement “district” with individual owners and operators, the rest of the parks including 40 rides remain ready to creak on forward. Clearly, I like to tackle mysteries.

During Coney season, which lasts sometime between Easter and Labor Day, one can stroll the boardwalk, stop by the Aquarium, check out the World-Famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in July, bumper your intern at the Eldorado Bumper Cars, experience the Friday Night Fireworks (every time I see them I am amazed that despite all mankind’s progress, fireworks still can’t spell words in the sky) , and relive much simpler times, like when the dollar was strong and you didn’t have to go to a restaurant and see a table of girls silent playing with their smart phones, by riding on the 'œWonder' Wheel or the legendary Cyclone Roller Coaster, a cornerstone of the whole experience. You know you (want to) love that.

This Sunday, Coney Island welcomes the warmer season with a FREE offer for the first 100 people to hop on the Cyclone ride. This post would have been more useful had I actually been on the ride, um, but never mind you are almost at the end. If I do go, it will be a great photo op to look normal for my family album that is littered throughout with weirdo Hitchcock-like appearances by yours truly. And for my fellow beach snobs, I guess we can still all agree, no matter where you sit, if you are outside and under the sun long enough, you will tan, and for FREE, thanks to our scandalous Solar System!

FREE Ride on the Cyclone Roller Coaster at Coney
34 Surf Ave at West 10th St, Brooklyn NY 11214 [Brooklyn]
Sunday, March 28th, 12pm

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