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Sunny’s Bar: Bluegrass Jams in Redhook

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Sunny’s is in the same part of Redhook with the Ikea and Fairway. But unlike them, Sunny’s has no glowing neon sign or monsterous parking lot. (and Sunny’s doesn’t give me a panic attack). It’s a building with a sign that simply says “bar” that would be easy to miss, except there are no other bars for a several block radius. And it’s totally worth the trek. The bar itself is adorned with creepy statues of Einstein looking dudes in eyepatches, bald guys with porn staches, etc. The exposed ceiling beams are covered in old tires. There’s a tiny patio outback with Christmas lights. But what makes Sunny’s really awesome is when people come in with their upright basses, banjos, mandelins, and guitars for the open bluegrass jams on Friday and Saturday nights. (Get there early. The uneven tables fill up fast, and not every number is a hootnany). When you’re sitting and drinking your Pabst, you kinda forget that there is music besides bluegrass. The rest of your fellow customers will be cool too, because Sunny’s location and countryness attracts a bare minimum of douche bags and morons. Even if you meet a fratty dude who doesn’t seem like he belongs, he’ll brag about how he bought Converse so he’d fit in while in Brooklyn. This will end the conversation, but hey, at least he tried.

Sunny’s Bar
253 Conover Street near Beard Street [Redhook, Brooklyn]
Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 8pm to 4am
Cash Only

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