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Take the Hint: Get Fit Free in NYC

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Step Aerobics Class

Well, since New York City obesity rates at are an all time high (I actually have no idea if that’s true, but in any case), New York is running an anti-obesity program, BeFitNYC, offering many (likely to be squelched) opportunities to combat fat for FREE.

As a part of this initiative, on the first of every Monday of every month, more than 30 recreation centers will let your non-member ass use their shit for FREE, including aerobic and yoga classes. Check it out here for more information on activities and participating facilities.

I went on the site and it provides a lot of information including the following fitness fact: Aerobics beats high waist circumference. Seriously? We have a politically and geometrically correct term for fatness? Anyway, you can filter your search by particular facility, proximity to your fat ass, or the kind of activity you are interested in pursuing. Even if you can’t make it on a Monday, its cool to go on the site to see that there really is a bunch of shit you can do in New York, like horseback riding, fishing, or kayaking, all in the burly, foreign “outside” environment involving Captain Planet’s elements, minus Ma-Ti’s FREE dose of Heart, of course. Sorry Planateers, no guarantees in life for love, especially not in New York.

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Rebecca E. - The Centimentalist

Rebecca E. - The Centimentalist

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  1. mala1012
    April 8, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    haha this is funny im gonna check this out gotta lose those pounds by summer!