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It’s Farmers Market Season in San Francisco!

Updated: Jul 06, 2010 17:19
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Spring has sort of sprung, which means new Farmers Markets are popping up left and right! FarMars are every broke-ass’s wet dream; with the ample trading and bartering that goes on, you can easily feed yourself for a week on $20. And if the stands don’t take your mom’s credit card, you can always dumpster dive after hours!

My two favorite Farmers Markets are both on Wednesdays. There’s a brand new one called Mission Bay that has a pretty sweet set up next to the UCSF campus. It’s held from 10-2, which is a nice mid-morning time to shop for veggies. I also like it because the market manager is kind of a huge stud muffin.

The other market is up in the Castro, between 16th and Market. It goes from 4-8, and the late afternoon time makes for easier bartering because people are tired and want to get home to their families. In this economy, you can’t be too good to exploit people’s weaknesses every once in a while. And hey, they gotta get rid of that food anyway. It’ll go bad!

To recap:
Mission Bay Farmers Market: Wednesdays from 10-2
Castro Farmers Market: Wednesdays from 4-8

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Rebecca Pederson - Cheap Date

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