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Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint

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Having been around since 1962, Big Nick’s has mad soul and feels like old NY. You know the kind of 24 hour place I’m talking about where, the walls are cluttered with autographed headshots, drawings, random posters, neon lights, and hand drawn signs. It also has an absolutely tremendous 27 page menu that’s full of more burgers than you knew existed. These juicy slabs of meat start as low as $5.95 and get up to $8.75. I got the 'œBistro Burger' which had gruyere, fried mushrooms and tomato, on challah bread. I added waffle fries, but made them take off the onions of course (onions are the devil). There are also has veggie options like, getting the fuck out of Nick’s'just kidding, there are plenty of veggie options here too. Considering that the menu is bigger than my first zine, you can find just about anything here.

While I inhaled my food, a middle aged German waitress saw a woman and three kids, possibly on a field trip and asked, 'œAre they all yours?' When the woman said, 'œNo,' the waitress replied, 'œGood because they all look so different, that if they were all yours, your husband wouldn’t be very happy with you.' She might be my favorite waitress ever.

Big Nick’s Burger Joint & Pizza Joint
2175 Broadway @ W 77th St.

[Upper West Side]

photo from NY Magazine

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