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Spa Weekend – Because Being Broke is More Fun Beautiful

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Spa may be a word that may sound like fancy spit-up to the usual suspects lurking around these parts, but we at BA can all appreciate the healing art of a deep facial tissue cleanse, especially one that is provided at a discount. After all, we are broke but beautiful.

Now, before raising your Proletariat eyebrow at me, lets first agree, no matter how it gets done, a pedicure will be a must for all female members of the BA class after the winter months of wearing wool socks and UGG boots. New York City Spa Week makes the indulgence less offensive to the working mans’ tastes offering $50 spa treatments where the normal resale value might be closer to $100. And yes men, this is for you too, time to wake up and smell the essential oils of the feminist/metro movement. But if you still play in a few fantasy leagues and don’t cry at the end of the season of your favorite reality TV show, get a treatment package for your girlfriend. And if you are still the kind of guy unwilling to make food for yourself, clean up after yourself, or even sit in the waiting room of a spa, then buy it for the girl you have been hooking up with for a year, but won’t call your girlfriend.

Couple pitfalls. Make sure that, in fact, the package being offered is cheaper than the one on the regular menu. Second, do some research to ensure that the spa is good at doing the offer, nothing a little Google/Yelp can’t take care of. This is the last weekend to enjoy. Call participating spas, found here, to see what’s open and if you can squeeze in a last minute facial, body, or nail thing.

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Rebecca E. - The Centimentalist

Rebecca E. - The Centimentalist

What does Rebecca bring to the table? Fanciful eye twinkles and a plastic tablecloth, that's what. Her parents are Russian, but she was born in Massachusetts and thus maintains her innocence, though she admittedly prefers blintzes and beet salad to hamburgers. When she spent a year in Japan as a kid she experienced the first of many dips on her normalcy development chart. She came back to the States like the little wheelbarrow on the NYC Edition of Monopoly. Next, she moved to Atlanta where she hung with Jermaine Dupree in elevators. She got a B.A. outside Chicago, and after a two-year stint as a consultant, warmed up in Miami, picking up a water-resistant J.D. Now she is back in Manhattan, trying to collect evidence and moneybags all over the board, henceforth as the cannon piece.

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  1. zany Hanna
    April 20, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    sounds like a good idea to pamper yourself when you are down in the dumps of terrible economy.